Smart TV just grew smarter

How today’s consumers feel when they view or interact with what they see on their TV sets, along with whether the experience is engaging and easy to navigate, shapes the “TV Experience” today, suggested Aneesh Rajaram, CEO of Vewd.

Having had 15 years’ experience in delivering over-the-top (OTT) software for some of the leading consumer electronics brands, Vewd now wants to help define the TV Experience with the launch of Vewd OS, an entertainment operating system designed for smart TVs.

Rajaram told APB: “We now see smart TV as being the most important platform for long-form content, because people don’t want to watch movies and TV shows on their mobile phones.

“So, it makes sense that Vewd OS leads with video. Beginning with a cinematic home screen, Vewd OS really immerses the viewer in video. Static apps icons give way to dynamic thumbnails giving users a real-time overview of content.”

He also sees a shift from app-centric display to video-centric display of content this year, where viewers relate to content instead of just a static display of apps.

Opportunities also abound in Asia-Pacific, where technologies such as HbbTV emerges. Rajaram explained: “This means there’s an opportunity to provide a good linear TV experience blended with OTT content.

“Doing this now will give viewers a more cohesive and seamless viewing experience between all content sources.”

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