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SmartTV top choice in viewing streamed videos

As viewership for streamed content skyrockets, connected devices — smart TVs, mobile phones, laptops — become increasingly popular among consumers, said Conviva, a data analytics platform dedicated to the streaming TV industry, in its newly released State of the Streaming TV report to detail about the booming sector.

The report finds that streaming viewership is experiencing a 72% year-on-year growth. Contrary to popular believe, smart TV remains the top choice when viewing video streams.

Smart TV viewership grew by 74% — the highest growth among all other connected devices. Mobile phones and PCs trailed at 73% and 55% respectively.

According to the data collected, 56% of the viewers favour spending hours on TV over other devices. This presents an opportunity for market expansion in the smart TV segment.

Among the intense competition, Roku leads the market shares at 42.4% in Q1 2019. However, Amazon Fire TV poised itself as a strong competitor with a high growth rate of 18.6%.

One of the main drivers in the proliferation of smart TVs is the spur of virtual MVPDs at 108% year-on-year.

Another key component in the rising viewership is streaming of sports video. Super Bowl LIII and March Madness saw an astonishing boost in streaming viewership of 157% and 67% respectively.

Bill Demas, CEO of Conviva, advised: “Maintaining a high-quality viewer experience tightly across content and advertising is increasingly important as streaming providers look to increase viewer engagement and monetisation.

“The battle for a share of the fast-growing streaming market pie is that service providers must deliver an experience comparable to linear TV to fulfil viewer expectations.

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