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Sony creating architecture to meet the future of media through IP

Through a range of new production solutions, Sony wants to enable production anywhere and at any scale through IP.

Under its Architecting the Future of Media vision, Sony has introduced Creators’ Cloud, a cloud production platform of content acquisition, creation, sharing and distribution, from any network to any device.

Existing Sony cloud-based solutions, such as Ci or the C3 Portal, will be integrated with new tools such as M2 Live, a scalable cloud-based live processing service for over-the-top (OTT) content distribution; and A2 Production, an artificial intelligence (AI) automated production solution for workflow efficiency and content enrichment.

To facilitate remote and distributed production from anywhere, Sony is offering Network Live, which offers on-premise/cloud hybrid distributed production solutions. These, said Sony, increases the potential for remote and distributed production, based around universal connectivity. 

Network Live will also focus on introducing Federated Orchestration to IP-based networks, improving media transport, and further enabling hybrid processing and operations.

The last pillar under Sony’s vision is Connected Content Acquisition, which is aimed at allowing users to do more with their content at the point of acquisition, supporting the development of remote operations.

For instance, Sony is offering the latest addition to its Cinema Line of cameras. The ILME-FR7 is an E-mount interchangeable lens camera with a full-frame image sensor and built-in pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) functionality.

Its versatile remote control and cinematic features, said Sony, open creative possibilities in studio, live production, and filmmaking settings.

Anthony Kable, CCS Group Manager, Sony Australia, added, “When we look at the future of the content industry, with the explosion of content channels and demand of the recent years in mind, we know we need to move away from one-size-fits-all products and move towards a building block solution strategy, where we introduce ecosystems that are highly modular at every step of the production chain.

“This modularity is the key for customers to deliver on their business and sustainability goals.”

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