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Sony reaches new plateau in Europe with its virtual production studio

Plateau Virtuel, a virtual production studio, has collaborated with Studios de France, a broadcast set provider, to create a virtual studio featuring a Sony Crystal LED B-series screen measuring 90 sqm located in Seine Saint Denis, north of Paris. 

The studio, said to be the first of its kind in Europe, is intended for premium film and audio-visual production; it is also designed to support TV production, opening new possibilities for Studios de France.

The 700-sqm set houses Sony’s Crystal LED screen, which is designed to deliver high-quality virtual production. The curved display measures 18m by 5m and is composed of 450 assortments each including a combination of eight LED modules. 

Bruno Corsini, Technical Director of Plateau Virtuel, elaborated: “It’s a screen that took 15 days to assemble, working with the Sony teams.

“Most studio screens are placed on the ground, for us it was important to have a suspended structure to be able to slide floors underneath, be they LED or other kinds of floors. We also have a LED ceiling that allows us to do integration if necessary.” 

Using Sony Crystal LED display technology in conjunction with its Venice camera capture technology, the project is said to deliver “unparalleled image quality” for both producers and cinematographers. Furthermore, this combination offers the ability to bring the camera very close to the screen without the moiré effect (the mechanical interference of light by superimposed networks of lines), along with the consistency of the colour spaces of the capture and display.

Corsini added, “In all the exchanges with Sony, we gave them very precise specifications. And during the tests we were able to work directly with Sony technicians both on the hardware and the software. Today, we have developed a whole synchronisation system with the Sony Venice camera!”

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