Sony unveils its first AI-based video analytics solution

To empower users to create video content in real time, Sony is launching its first artificial intelligence (AI)-based edge analytics solution — the REA-C1000

Sony’s compact REA-C1000, available only in April, utilises advanced AI-based video analytics technology to analyse the input received from connected cameras, extract the object in focus, and combine it with other images on a graphics processor unit (GPU). And according to Sony, this technology uses motion/face detection and colour/shape recognition, thereby leveraging the REA-C1000 as a “powerful brain” for any connected camera and A/V set-up to create professional content.

Lawrence Tang, head of business and industrial solutions marketing division, professional solutions company (PSAP), Sony Electronics Asia-Pacific, explained: “Video content has become a key method of communication in many organisations, including education, government and corporate sectors, and the demand for solutions that create high-quality content, offer a hassle-free shooting experience and help distribute content quickly is rapidly increasing.”

The REA-C1000 comes with five optional features: handwriting extraction and presenter overlay, PTZ auto tracking, close-up by gesture, chroma keyless CG overlay, and focus area cropping.

For instance, by optimising parameters and processing the images received from the camera, the REA-C1000 is able to extract hand-written objects from black and white boards using Sony’s moving/still object detection algorithm. This will then allow audiences to see written content and diagrams as well as gestures and expressions of the presenter simultaneously.

The REA-C1000 supports 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) and HD input and output, and can be connected directly to Sony’s PTZ cameras — both BRC and SRG series — as well as its range of XDCAM camcorders, which have been widely deployed within the broadcast industry. And with its HDMI network connection, the REA-C1000 can be further integrated into various A/V set-ups involving either multiple displays, large-screen projections with monitors, or even live streaming projects.

Tang said: “At Sony, we want to provide organisations on a limited budget with cost-effective, yet powerful solutions that allow them to easily create professional and engaging video content.

“The REA-C1000 is yet another example of Sony working with our A/V partners to create solutions together that help solve the technology and budget challenges of our customers.”


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