Sony unveils solutions of tomorrow

As the 4K market starts to bloom in Asia, Sony aims to ride the new wave by unveiling its range of high-performance solution at BroadcastAsia this year.

With an emphasis on delivering higher returns and minimising operational costs, Sony is demonstrating its widely acclaimed HDC series system cameras — enabling media operators to offer 4K, HD and HDR content while maintaining compatibility with current production workflow.

Available at BroadcastAsia 2019, Sony will highlight its HDC-5500 and HDC-3000 series, focusing on their ability in elevating clarity, colour, sensitivity, and dynamic range.

With features such as simultaneous down conversion, HDC-5500 is able to shoot a video in 4K and downconvert to HD without downtime.

To ensure end-users receive the same visual experience, Sony is unveiling its Crystal LED display system at Broadcast Asia. The screen can achieve over a million-to-one contrast ratio and reproduce colour and picture quality with precision.

Moriharu Ide, division managing director of Professional Solutions Company,  Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, told APB: “There are five elements that define the quality of visual effects during a broadcast and they are resolution, dynamic range, frame rate, colour space, as well as quantisation.

“We aim to meet the different requirements of the broadcasters around the Asia Pacific region by leveraging new technology to offer flexible innovative solutions.”

Leveraging machine learning and artificial intelligence, Sony has enhanced the latest REA-C1000 Edge Analytics Appliance — a tool that allows content creators to create animated imagery without specialist resource in real time. This eliminates the reliance on green screens and greatly decreases the hefty cost of CGI effects.

Ide-san added: ”Sony doesn’t adopt a top-down approach with customers, instead we understand their business concerns and offer bespoke solutions at an affordable price.”

These cool innovations will be on display at Sony’s booth #4N4-01, Suntec Singapore from 18 -20 June 2019.


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