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Sony & Yamaha Motor jointly developed MR mobile entertainment

Sony has jointly developed an entertainment cart service with Yamaha Motor Company. The first phase of the entertainment service, also known as Sociable Cart SC-1, began this November 1 at Okinawa Prefecture's Kanucha Bay Resort in Nago City, and the Southeast Botanical Garden in Okinawa City.

SC-1’s ultra-high sensitivity image sensors and high-resolution display start by showing the night-time scenery and overlaying entertainment content generated by the mixed-reality (MR) technology, while passengers are free to sit back and enjoy the experience.


This service contains a plethora of surprises to delight the passengers’ senses while providing an unforgettable and “supernatural” experience underneath the starry skies. The service will also feature two types of content aimed at bringing this “one-of-a-kind experience” to as many passengers as possible.


Sociable Cart SC-1 incorporates the MR technology developed by Sony that can superimpose computer graphics onto the surroundings being displayed on the monitor. It also features image sensors that capture surroundings without a headlight. Couple with the use of ultra-high sensitivity image sensors, the window becomes a screen of immersive entertainment and mobility experience.


Sony pledges to continue working with Yamaha Motor to enhance SC-1 so as to revolutionise the mobile entertainment experience. 


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