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Sony’s PVM-X2400 4K monitor a mojo to meet client’ specs

Although 4K has been around for some time, it has yet to go mainstream in Australia. Apart from a handful of movie streaming sites, Foxtel is the only broadcaster in Australia to offer a dedicated 4K channel. However, the slow take-up of 4K has not prevented Sydney-based Mojo Media Solutions from offering this breakthrough technology to one of its clients.

Established in 2011, Sydney-based Mojo Media Solutions offers technical assessments and consultancy for the broadcast and feature film industry. It has carved a niche, providing on-site technical services to calibrate professional projectors and displays, critical for colour grading, and consults on HDR upgrades and Dolby Vision requirements.

Recently, Mojo Media Solutions assessed a client’s production requirements for its broadcast online edit suites. Although it looked like a straightforward request, the team had a few technical kinks to sort out to fulfil the client’s exacting specifications. After assessing the client’s work scope and technical requirements, the team at Mojo shortlisted Sony’s PVM-X2400 4K picture monitor, and the client went ahead with the purchase.

“The content delivery requirements in Australia are still very much HD and SDR,” said Stuart Monksfield, Managing Director of Mojo Media Solutions. “However, for my clients’ productions to have an international audience, a 4K version in HDR is a growing requirement. 

“Production workflows have become increasingly complex, especially as broadcasters and content creators migrate to file-based solutions and 4K,” said Stuart.

Mojo Media Solutions’ client portfolio includes national broadcasters, local studios, visiting Hollywood film crews, and freelancers working from home.

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