Sony’s Venice puts Audi e-tron into the limelight

The full-frame sensor of Venice has enabled the Kropac Media team to capture the visuals of the all-electric Audi e-tron with a great depth of field

Automobile manufacturer Audi has shot the commercial of its all-electric car model, the new e-tron, using Sony’s CineAlta full-frame system camera Venice. Produced by Kropac Media, a German media company, the commercial is said to be shot in a quiet and natural environment to highlight the car’s “practically silent” engine.

According to Sony, one key reason for Audi and Kropac Media to rely on Venice was the feature of the camera system’s full-frame image sensor, which captured “stunning” visuals while delivering a great depth of field, thus replicating the quiet atmosphere of electric driving on screen.

Berti Kropac, managing director of Kropac Media, added: “The large full-frame sensor creates a soft and discreet image, which radiates calmness and positions the e-tron as a future-oriented product.”

Sony’s Venice support of 24x36mm dimensions, achieving a maximum resolution of up to 6K for visual effects, and its servo-controlled eight-step mechanical ND filter mechanism built into the camera chassis also contributed to the exterior shooting of the Audi commercial. The Kropac Media team was able to change all filter stages in increments from 0.3 to 2.4, allowing camera operators to react to light changes and minimise downtime.

Sebastian Leske, product marketing manager film at Sony Professional, concluded: “With Venice, filmmakers can bring their creative ideas to the screen while keeping time and costs to a minimum. The Audi commercial impressively proves that this is not a contradiction, and Sony can help car manufacturers put emotion in every frame of their commercial.”


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