Soundfish has deployed a range of Wisycom’s RF solutions to support its production workflows.

Soundfish uses Wisycom as production backbone

The sound production company has been utilising Wisycom’s RF solutions for several of its reality TV projects

Based in Milan, Soundfish is a sound production company whose portfolio comprises several reality TV programmes, from Italia’s Got Talent and The Apprentice to The Great Italian Bake Off and MasterChef Italy. Providing sound and communication support to Soundfish’s works in studio and electronic newsgathering (ENG) environments is a vast range of Wisycom’s RF solutions, which was chosen by the company’s trio of principals — Matteo Olivari, Giacomo Avanza and Daniele Turi — who each worked as freelancers for more than 15 years.

Olivari explained: “We always plan out our productions around our RF, and Wisycom is the backbone of our systems. The MCR42 is modular, with both standalone and slot-in formats, so we can incorporate it into either our ENG bass or rack set-ups.

“No matter the application, the best part about Wisycom is that it works. It works in simple environments and crowded RF settings, as well as in huge studio set-ups with shared ISO frequencies.”

Besides MCR42, the line-up of Wisycom gear deployed by Soundfish also includes the MTP40S and MTP41 wideband bodypack transmitters, MAT288 diversity matrix combiners, SPL218 AW broadband splitters, MTB40S wideband plug-in transmitters, MPR30-ENG and MPR52-ENG compact true diversity receivers, and BAA wideband antenna boosters with associated accessories.

The MTP40S, which is equipped with the ability to conservse battery by changing the power output from 50mW to 10mW, has been particularly useful to Soundfish when the team is required to work in environments that have a crowded RF due to an abundance of wireless microphones, which then leads to overheated transmitters with competitor brands.

Depending on the application, the team can pair its Wisycom products with Sound Devices recorders, Dante AoE protocols, PSC power distribution system and multi-splitters, Betso timecode trans-receivers, Yamaha QL5 digital mixers, and Sennheiser, Sanken, Countryman and Schoeps microphones.

Turi concluded: “Wisycom has a way of thinking and developing products that is always one step ahead of its competitors. The shortcuts to change frequencies or audio settings are amazing. The software is very easy to use and the possibility to store different presets is very important to our workflow.

“The audio quality of the gear represents the content and emotion of the script, and that translates well for TV and film. Using Wisycom, we are able to ensure the highest quality audio for every production.”

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