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Spark 4K a pocket Hercules for streaming small events

Spark 4K, a small light device, has been launched by Teradek in response to growing demand for practical high-quality video transport solutions, largely driven by schools, churches and businesses turning to live streaming events to stay engaged. The compact device is as light as a baseball and as small as a cassette tape. Spark 4K offers 4K HDR video transmission for up to 500 feet with no perceivable delay over the 5Ghz band, and its video feed is transmissible at up to 4Kp30 resolution with 10-bit 4:2:2 colour.

Using smart frequency hopping, Spark 4K automatically finds a clear channel, ensuring a robust 4K transmission, even in crowded areas. Users keep tabs on the signal, and pair transmitters and receivers from Launchpad, a Spark 4K’s mobile and desktop app.

Spark 4K’s transmitter and receiver units complement most A/V gear and workflows. Its versatile design for tabletop or camera mounting makes it a multi-functional solution. Dual-powering options and internal battery life of over two hours provide mobility without compromising signal integrity. Its multicasting abilities send multiple video feeds to receivers that are HDMI-compatible with computers/laptops, projectors, switchers, monitors, TV screens and LED video walls. 

“(The phrase) ‘good enough’ just doesn’t cut it in live production and A/V workflows any longer,” says Michael Gailing, Vice-President and General Manager of Creative Solutions’ Live Production business.

“With the massive spike in streaming events and the subsequent demand for in-person events post-COVID, the expectation for engaging, high-quality content has never been higher. Spark 4K not only enables production crews to elevate the quality of their events, but it reduces setup and breakdown times, and improves the overall dynamic of the viewer’s experience.”

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