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Spectra Logic saves Tennis Australia time and money

With the proliferation of higher bitrates, content storage can sometimes pose an issue for tournament broadcast. Australia Open has reported that each tennis tournament can generate more than 180TB of data, which translates to approximately 2,100 files. And in the past, numerous personnel have to be employed to copy post-event data or wait for an external drive to arrive months after the event.

To better manage the content storage during this year’s match, Tennis Australia (TA) has adopted Spectra Logic solution — a system that can cope with its growing storage size while being compatible with its existing EVS structure.

Spectra is able to meet Tennis Australia’s requirements and guaranteed the organiser reliability, scalability, robustness, connectivity and comprehensive support at the right cost.

The solution, developed by Spectra Logic Black Pearl, was installed by local distributor Digistor.

Spectra Logic enables them to migrate all the data from temporary storage without any data loss. Moreover, it has the ability to archive content to other storage media and thus remove the need for more spinning disks.

John O’Neil, technical manager of TA, commented: “We have dramatically reduced our costs post-Australian Open with the implementation of Spectra Logic. We had all our content on the Spectra Logic … this is a major cost-saving bonus for Tennis Australia.”

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