Two pedestal-mounted StarTrackers tracking from the same ‘stars’ as the crane for live, green screen shooting in the BBC studio.

StarTracker selected for live events coverage

Two broadcasters have chosen StarTracker for their high-profile live events coverage.

Developed by London-based Mo-Sys Engineering, StarTracker is an automatic, real-time optical camera tracking system.

The BBC has been using the StarTracker, together with Vizrt graphics, for its coverage of live election events, including the recent UK general elections.

Global News, a major news organisation in Canada, on the other hand, used StarTracker for the first time during its coverage of the May 9 British Columbia Election.

“We use a lot of virtual reality,” said Gerry Belec, director, Operations and Technology, Global News, Corus Entertainment.

“But this was our first time using a Mo-Sys system. On election night, our high-end cameras and jib were already being used, so we were left with some rather outdated equipment. It gave our older equipment new life.

“We learnt that any camera or set can become virtual or augmented. This equipment used to be so specialised. We created a temporary virtual set environment with legacy gear for a great price. Track by putting stickers on the ceiling, and any place is virtual.”

Belec shared that Global News took delivery of the StarTracker just a couple of days before the May 9 election, and the Mo-Sys team worked remotely from the UK to walk them through set-up and support questions as they came up.

“We were all very impressed with their level of support,” he said.

“They’re really on the ball over there.”

For the BBC, StarTracker was used on a Technocrane for sweeping shots in a 10m-high studio. BBC News ordered three StarTracker systems for its General Election coverage, which took place on June 8.

“It’s our approach to camera motion tracking that continually keeps us a step ahead of competitive systems,” said Michael Geissler, CEO, Mo-Sys Engineering.

“We were the first to use reflective stickers as ‘stars’, and StarTracker was purpose-built for virtual studio camera tracking. We’ve simplified motion tracking to where it’s as easy as switching on a light, and we’ve brought the cost way down. We’ve created an easy-to-use, robust system that provides the foundation for tremendous creativity.”


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