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Stay cool with Masstech’s Clover, an intelligent retrieval solution

Content creators are finding their environment changing very fast. File sizes are increasing, a greater number of versions in different formats have to be delivered, and delivery times are being cut to the core.

  • Are you frustrated by the time it takes to find your assets?
  • Is an increase in content size and volume putting your current storage under stress?
  • Are you using separate systems to transcode and move multiple versions of your assets?
  • Are manual processes in your workflow taking up too much time, and costing you money?
  • Are you still using HDDs to store your content, spreadsheets to track it, and flash drives to share it?

If you are getting hot under the collar in trying to find a simple, turnkey solution that helps you store, transform and track your content, but don’t want to implement an enterprise-level MAM and storage system, there’s a cool solution at Masstech Innovations (booth 6J2-03).

“The need to manage and control how you store and manage your assets is becoming more important than ever, but finding, moving and copying data is a manual and error-prone process, and keeping everything connected can become a job in itself,” says George Kilpatrick, the new CEO of Masstech.

“Enterprise-level broadcast asset management systems are expensive, and on top of those you still have to invest in other software and hardware to transcode and deliver your content.

“Masstech’s Clover, the all-in-one content suite that comes with an unbeatable price tag, is the simple, affordable solution that does it all for you.”

Clover allows ingest, storage, workflow, transcode and broadcast. All assets can be stored on multi-tiered storage, including tape, ODA, or in private/public cloud. The location of these assets can be tracked and managed anywhere during their lifecycle.

“Deep metadata enrichment provides powerful, intelligent search and retrieval,” says Kilpatrick. “Integrated ingest and transcode delivers your content where you need it, in the right format, at the right time. Automated workflows, lifecycle and storage tier management saves on operator time.

“Clover scales with you and your in-house and/or cloud-based systems; and you get unrivalled service and support from broadcast-trained staff and operators.

“What more can a content creator wish for?”

Perhaps, a four-leaf clover …


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