Stay local, go social


As we enter 2019 with an eye on 2020 when countries in Asia are planning to switch off analogue transmission and go fully digital, what are the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead? How can broadcasters secure their business and what are the emerging trends that they have to look out for?

One key non-technical trend to take note of is Social Media.

According to IABM’s 2018 Strategic Industry Analysis report, on top of embracing IP, SDN, AI, VR, 5G and Blockchain, broadcasters should also pay attention to how they can leverage Social Media to improve their TV ratings. Adults in the US are watching on the average five hours of video a day; they also spend 75 minutes on social media each day — and 85% of tweeters who are active during prime time say they are tweeting about TV content. Moreover, such tweets beget more tweets. By understanding and leveraging viewers’ social media interactions while watching TV programmes, TV stations can certainly find ways to improve their ratings.

While audiences today are becoming more and more fragmented, people still want local news and interpretation of world news that may affect their livelihood.

So … stay local, go social!

Happy New Year and may 2019 be a peaceful and prosperous year for one and all.

Andrew Yeo is Publisher of Asia-Pacific Broadcasting (APB)

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