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Studio 26miles’ new Dolby Atmos facility powered by Genelec

South Korea’s Studio 26miles has added a Genelec-powered immersive space with a Dolby Atmos 7.1.4 mixing room, a stereo mix room, and a booth.

The post-production facility has worked on a variety of TV drama hits including SignalStrangerArthdal ChroniclesItaewon ClassVoice and Hometown, and one of the reasons for its success lies with its refusal to compromise on quality, said Wave Kim, Studio 26miles Sound Supervisor.

He explained, “TV dramas have a limited amount of time to work with compared to movies. So, people often make compromises regarding sound and are less concerned about Foley than they might be for film. However, our studio does not differentiate the way of sound mixing, whether it’s stereo, overseas over-the-top (OTT), 5.1, or Atmos.”

With the move to Dolby Atmos production came the need to select studio monitors that can support phase management in multi-channel mixing. 

Working with local Genelec partner Sama Sound, Studio 26miles opted for Genelec’s Smart Active Monitors – three 8351s for the L-C-R positions, four 8341s for surrounds, and four 8331s as overheads.

Low frequencies are handled by two 7380 subwoofers, and the entire system was configured and calibrated using Genelec GLM loudspeaker manager software.

“We’ve changed every monitor speaker to Genelec in all of our facilities. With multi-channel mixing, we have to be careful about phase, so using monitor speakers of the same brand, if not the same model, is better for managing the channel phase later on.

“For this reason, it made sense to switch to Genelec speakers in all our studios,” Kim concluded.

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