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Swiss broadcaster overcomes its blues with help from R&S

As a subscription service offering movie and entertainment content as well as sports services, Swiss broadcaster blue was looking to enhance its storage network and optimise content preparation workflows. Blue has then chosen to install Rohde & Schwarz’s Venice and SpycerNode. 

Some key considerations for the broadcaster’s choice to overcome and improve its setup were the R&S solutions’ reliability, redundancy, small form factor and easy installation. Future-proofing and scalability were also important considerations as it allows blue to migrate from today’s 1080/25i to 50p 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) and high dynamic range (HDR) with outputs already configured for 4K/UHD. 

Particularly for its sports offerings, blue needed high availability and redundancy to serve the needs of its sports viewers. To enable the turnaround that is central to its operations, blue needed the capability of editing content as it arrives, for example, to create highlights packages for half-time reviews.

This drove blue to install an extensive storage and preparation network. At its heart are seven R&S Venice S8s along with mirrored storage on two R&S SpycerNode 5u84 units.

Each Venice device is capable of ingesting, transmitting or transforming eight HD or two 4K/UHD signals simultaneously, for a total of 56 concurrent HD streams. In addition to the ability to edit in place and playout while ingesting, the new setup takes up just 34 units of rack space, including IP switches and panels. 

Furthermore, two SpycerNode devices provide security through redundancy, ensuring there is no single point of failure anywhere in the content management system. Monitoring is by Venice View, with dynamically assigned sources to ensure operators are always aware of content flows.The integrated tools within Venice allow operators to create subclips, trim materials and transwrap files. For situations when craft editing is required, Adobe Premiere can begin editing work as files are being ingested or played out by Venice.

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