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Synamedia introduces cost-efficient video SaaS at IBC 2023

At this year’s IBC Show, Synamedia, a major player in the video network industry, highlighted its innovative Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. These offerings, designed for Business to Business distribution, not only facilitate OTT streaming but also allow customers to achieve a global reach with just a few clicks and only pay for the exact usage.

Elke Hungenaert, VP of Product Management at Synamedia, sat down with Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ to explain the significance of their showcased products. “At Synamedia Video Network, we provide end-to-end solutions, from encoding, packaging DRM, all the way up to CDN,” she explained. Their SaaS solutions on display promise to redefine content distribution by offering both an online self-service and a full service.

What sets these products apart, Hungenaert points out, is the ability for customers to instantly go online with a simple ‘Click and Accept’. “For instance, if there’s a need to distribute content from Spain to the Spanish-speaking nations in Latin America, you just go online, distribute it with a few clicks, and your content is available,” she illustrated. This flexibility ensures that clients only pay for what they use. “If you require the service for just two hours a week, that’s your cost. If it’s a 24/7 requirement, you’re billed accordingly. It’s essentially a pay-as-you-go model,” she added.

When asked about the competitive landscape, Hungenaert acknowledged that while the market has its fair share of players, Synamedia has managed to distinguish itself. One of their significant achievements lies in the realm of sports streaming. “We take pride in our focus on sports streaming, where we lead with low latency,” Hungenaert shared. They’ve mastered camera synchronization and boast the lowest possible latency. “For our distribution solutions, we can achieve latencies that rival or even surpass traditional satellite distribution,” she stated.

IBC Show, held in Amsterdam, is one of the most influential global events for media, entertainment, and technology, and it’s a platform where groundbreaking technologies are unveiled. Synamedia’s new SaaS solutions, with their pay-as-you-go approach, certainly fit the bill. The convenience of a global reach, coupled with cost-effective pricing, is set to appeal to businesses that aim to distribute content seamlessly across borders.

As the industry continues to evolve, the demand for efficient, cost-effective solutions is on the rise. Companies like Synamedia, with their forward-thinking approach, are poised to lead the way, offering tangible solutions in a constantly shifting landscape.

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