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Taking news from its linear roots to a new digital age


News is now delivered in real time to consumers at every minute of the day. There is more content than ever before that broadcasters are required to process in more formats and for more outputs.

News production includes live and on-demand development and delivery for mobiles and tablets, among other devices, and on social media platforms.

Market penetration of mobile devices particularly is on the rise with 1.81 billion users expected in Asia-Pacific by 2021. Content owners and distributors now must think about creating, controlling and connecting content beyond a pre-determined linear slot. A one-size-fits-all approach no longer works when it comes to multi-platform and multi-format content delivery.

It is not a stretch to see that the impact on broadcasters will be significant. While all of these dramatic changes to the media landscape continue to unfold, the budgets that enable broadcasters to meet this insatiable consumer demand are shrinking.

The challenge, as always, is to try to do more with less; it is essential that broadcasters make the best use of their resources.

From social media management to IP and remote production, there are advanced systems and tools to help news broadcasters juggle and balance all of these critical elements.

Find out how to do so in the APB July 2018 issue.

Somul Patil is vice-president, sales, Asia, Grass Valley


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