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Tekmark Broadcast and Reach Media clinch Audio Production/Audio Recording – Malaysia at Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards

Their collaborative effort enhances Radio Television Malaysia’s capabilities, transforming RTM into a world-class broadcasting entity with state-of-the-art audio production facilities.

Tekmark Broadcast Sdn Bhd, in collaboration with Reach Media Experts Sdn Bhd, has been celebrated with the prestigious award in the Audio Production/Audio Recording – Malaysia category at the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards 2024. Their audio production solutions for E3 Music Studio and Music Practice Studio have dramatically upgraded the broadcasting facilities of Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) to world-class standards. This recognition is a timely one as it comes right after Tekmark Broadcast’s Media City Broadcast TV Studios F3 Lighting Project in RTM was awarded the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards (Innovation Award for Lighting) in 2023, in collaboration with Pactel Systems Sdn Bhd.

Set within the extensive Media City Development Project, this initiative has transformed RTM’s facilities amidst the challenges posed by the pandemic and logistical delays, marking a notable milestone in the broadcaster’s quest for excellence. The project introduced the E3 Music Studio and Music Practice Studio, which together form one of the region’s largest recording spaces, boasting a combined area exceeding 5700 sqft.

The orchestration of the project includes a grand Orchestra Hall, a Practice Studio Hall, five musicians’ booths, six MIDI rooms, and a Mastering Room. This innovative layout and design were conceived by RTM Music Director, Dato Haji Mokhzani Ismail, and RTM Deputy Director General (Broadcast Operations), Ts. Putri Joliana binti Yaacob. Their vision and leadership were instrumental in bringing this project to fruition.

RTM Deputy Director General (Broadcast Operations), Ts. Putri Joliana binti Yaacob, shared her thoughts on the project: “This state-of-the-art facility marks a new era for RTM. Our goal was to create a space that not only meets international standards but also inspires and nurtures our local talent. We are proud to see this vision come to life and to witness the incredible potential it unlocks for Malaysian music and broadcasting.”

A focal point of this transformation is the main E3 Studio Control Room, equipped with the acclaimed Solid-State Logic (SSL) Duality Delta mixing console. This cutting-edge console merges the best attributes of analogue and digital recording. The SSL’s VHD preamp’s valve circuitry recreation, combined with direct DAW recording control, delivers exceptional audio quality, particularly for orchestral performances. The studio control room also boasts Genelec 126A and Focal Twin6 BE monitors, ensuring pristine audio reproduction from recording to mastering with 5.1 surround monitoring capabilities—a first for RTM’s Orchestra.

Moreover, the RTM Music Studio has been upgraded with the latest Pro Tools DAW, which interfaces seamlessly with the SSL mixing console, a feature previously unavailable. This enhancement optimises the recording workflow, allowing sound engineers greater creative control. The studio’s arsenal includes top-tier preamps and audio processors from esteemed brands such as Tube Tech, Summit Audio, Avalon, Rupert Neve, and more, providing sound engineers with an extensive palette for recording and mixing.

In response to the demands of today’s digital era, the project also focuses on improving connectivity. The sprawling 67-acre Media City Project necessitates efficient media transportation, addressed by integrating the new recording system across all rooms within the E3 Music Studio and Music Practice Studio, as well as other RTM buildings in the complex. This is facilitated by the Stagetec Nexus Audio Matrix, which supports a wide range of protocols including Analog audio, AES/EBU, MADI, and Dante, revolutionising RTM’s recording workflow and enabling easier collaboration.

This project not only elevates RTM’s capabilities in delivering high-quality music services across Malaysia but also solidifies the RTM Orchestra’s role in preserving and promoting the nation’s musical heritage. As the primary custodian of Malaysia’s musical legacy, this enhanced capacity empowers RTM to engage more effectively with its audience, promising a brighter future for Malaysian music and its artists.

To give readers a glimpse of the studio in its full glory, the RTM Orchestra, under the leadership of Dato Haji Mokhzani, along with RTM’s Director General, Datuk Suhaimi Sulaiman, utilised the studio to produce a stunning rendition of the classic 90s favourite “Sesaat Kau Hadir.” You are able to view the award-winning studio in the youtube link below. 

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Youtube Link: Sesaat Kau Hadir by Datuk Suhaimi Sulaiman

RTM’s Music Director, Dato Haji Mokhzani Ismail, was also full of praise and commended Tekmark Broadcast’s effort, stating, “RTM would like to extend its gratitude to Reach Media Experts & Tekmark Broadcast for their commitment and hard work in delivering this fantastic world-class recording studio on schedule, despite the constraints of the COVID lockdown period, which presented significant challenges. Well done!”

Asia-Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards recognises innovation and excellence in projects that advance the field of broadcasting in areas such as digitalisation and engineering. It showcases the remarkable activities of broadcast companies, as well as industry partners and vendors in the Asia-Pacific region.


Tekmark Broadcast Sdn Bhd 

Established since 1994, Tekmark Broadcast specialises in providing end-to-end solutions in Broadcast, Media, and Network infrastructure. The Company has delivered multiple broadcast network modernisation projects for government agencies and tier-1 Content Providers in Malaysia. Our cutting-edge production solutions include TV and music studios, OTT Cloud transformation, QC, production systems, and 4K/8K Solutions and more. With our expertise in video transport, media cloud technology and AI-powered cloud-native solutions, we drive creativity to enhance user engagement, ensuring our client’s content captivates audiences across platforms. 


The Asia Pacific Broadcasting+ Awards is presented by Asia Pacific Broadcasting+. To view the full list of winners, click here. If you want to join the 2025 awards programme and be acclaimed for your innovation and excellence in projects that advance the field of broadcasting in Asia, please contact Jane Patiag at awards@charltonmediamail.com.

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