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Teleporting reporters onto TV screen, courtesy of Brainstorm

Brainstorm, a leading manufacturer of real-time 3D graphics and virtual studio solutions, has successfully completed the TelePorter project, funded by the Google Digital News Initiative. 

TelePorter allows reporters to be ‘teleported’ to the TV set from any location that they are reporting on, and at any time. The TelePorter application can be easily installed on mobile phones and guide the users in capturing their image and communicating between reporters and the production centre of the news programme or TV show.

TelePorter has made the technology required to teleport the reporter very simple, affordable and easy to use, requiring only a mobile phone to capture the reporter’s video signal and send it to the TV studio via a standard Internet connection.

The TelePorter project builds on Brainstorm’s expertise in 3D graphics, virtual sets and augmented reality; and it has been developed on Brainstorm’s patented TrackFree technology. More specifically, the development has been on the acclaimed TeleTransporter feature of InfinitySet, and other advanced features like virtual shadows and defocus or talent optical tracking, to name just a few.

 In addition to journalism and broadcasting, the development of this project has opened the door to the next-generation of applications for other fields that require the ‘telepresence’ of people located in different places. Thus, the TelePorter can be used in the organisating of events such as conferences, congresses and virtual trade shows that, despite the on-going pandemic and mobility restrictions, require remote pa


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