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Telestream introduces ScreenFlow 8.0

Integrated with new features and a Stock Media Library, the new ScreenFlow 8.0 video editing software is said to enable users to streamline workflows and centralise media

Telestream has released ScreenFlow 8.0, the company’s latest video editing and screen recording software for the Mac. ScreenFlow is designed for educators, bloggers, marketers, online trainers, app developers, gamers or video producers, allowing them to create high-quality video content.

The latest ScreenFlow 8.0 software is packed with a variety of new features including Styles and Templates to increase editing productivity and workflows, as well as an integrated Stock Media Library. The Stock Media Library offers users access to over 500 thousand pieces of media, empowering them to elevate the quality of videos they create with ScreenFlow.

As for the new Templates feature, it allows users to pre-create ScreenFlow projects with placeholder clips in the timeline for recorded media and external media. Once a template is saved, future ScreenFlow recordings can be opened directly in the template project, thus reducing the amount of editing required to complete jobs.

For users creating software tutorials, serialised videos, or even videos with similar formats, the Templates function in ScreenFlow 8.0 will allow enhance video production and editing, allowing users to focus on the creative aspects of video production.

Users can also utilise the Styles feature to customise media configurations that improve asset editing. With this feature, ScreenFlow users will be able to copy/paste video parameters — such as scale, positioning, and axis rotation — and apply them to individual pieces of media.

ScreenFlow 8.0 is now available at the Telestream store. Users of previous versions can also purchase the upgrade on telestream.net.


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