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Telestream’s new PRISM a versatile software-based monitor

Telestream has developed its market-leading PRISM waveform monitor into a single next-generation solution that is equally well suited for SDI and IP workflow applications.

With this new version, PRISM can be optioned for all the traditional SDI waveform monitoring tools required in operations, compliance, quality control and post-production workflows up to 8K resolution. The same product also offers a suite of IP-based waveform monitoring tools up to 4K resolution on 25G Ethernet. PRISM includes enhanced high dynamic range (HDR) and wide colour gamut (WCG) reports and tools to increase efficiency in both SDI and IP environments.

“Whether your core business is live production, OB trucks, post-production or quality control, this new version of PRISM meets your needs for today and is ready for tomorrow,” said Charlie Dunn, senior vice-president of the Tek Video Business Unit at Telestream.

“If you’re looking to upgrade existing SDI infrastructures to support HDR/4K workflows, or planning an IP-based migration, you need a waveform monitor to future-proof your investment.”

PRISM is a software-based solution, which means one physical device can be optioned to support a complete range of applications and features. It is faster, more intuitive and better suited to today’s waveform monitor demands.

The PRISM user interface and API are remotely accessible, enabling remote work and social distancing production environments, which are especially relevant in the current pandemic. PRISM also offers multi-user flexibility, where the operators do not need to be at the same physical location as the device.

In addition to remote working, touchscreen and dual-screen options are also supported, enabling users to adapt to their preferred working environment. Through software options, the system can easily be featured for production, engineering, quality control, IP measurement, IP generator, 4K, 8K and more.

All functionality is available on the same user interface whether working remotely or using a touch screen.


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