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Telestream’s Stanza supports proxy-less captioning projects

Telestream has introduced Stanza, a captioning and subtitling software product designed for large and small companies alike. Stanza, according to Telestream, provides a low-cost entry point for organisations requiring high-end captioning capabilities by offering a subscription-based OPEX business model.

Providing accurate closed captions and subtitles are critically important aspects of video content creation as legal requirements in many regions of the world mandate this information be made available for hearing-impaired viewers. 

To help address the challenges of remote working, the client-server deployment model of Stanza allows captioning editors to work from any location from a simple browser-based editing console, regardless of where media files are stored.

Stanza uses the Telestream GLIM engine to play back original high-resolution files instantly without any need to create and transfer proxy images.

Scott Matics, Senior Director of Product Management at Telestream, explained, “With Stanza, large media files do not need to be downloaded or moved across a local area network, nor do proxies need to be created to work on captioning projects.

“With its built-in access to Timed Text Speech auto-transcription and integration with Vantage and Timed Text Flip transcoding and processing, Stanza represents a powerful new way to automate more of the caption creation process.”

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