Thai PBS upgrades infrastructure while on-air

Thai Public Broadcasting Services (Thai PBS) has upgraded its existing news, production and playout infrastructure to gain greater flexibility, scalability and speed through the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) hardware running on solutions from Imagine Communications

Installing Imagine’s enhanced Nexio software while staying on-air has enabled the Thai broadcaster to deploy content “faster and easier” to meet its audience’s demand for news content.

Yothin Sitthibodikul, broadcasting department director, Thai PBS, explained: “We recognised that it was time to upgrade our server platform. Importantly, our operational team was familiar with the Imagine solutions; and their project plan kept us on-air with no operational disturbances or downtime throughout the smooth transition to the new system.” 

The installation includes Imagine’s Versio IOX SAN storage running on Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers, together with Nexio asset management, including Nexio Motion.

The result, according to Imagine, is an asset management platform that allows for the quick movement of content as well as flexibility in associating channels with outputs.

The move to COTS-based hardware has also provided Thai PBS a future-proof infrastructure that equips its installation for growth in both channels and features as the need arises, keeping the broadcaster at the forefront of technology while providing its viewers with enhanced viewing experience.

Mathias Eckert, senior vice-president and general manager, EMEA and APAC, playout and networking solutions, Imagine Communications, said: “Through the implementation of a COTS-based solution with specialised applications, we have addressed Thai PBS’ need to get on-air quickly and ensure the reliability and robustness of their playout services.

“This cost-effective and operationally agile solution puts Thai PBS on course for a long future of technical security and flexibility.” 

The project was managed in conjunction with Imagine’s Thai systems integration partner, B.E.C.

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