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Nifty Fox leaping over fragmenting TV landscape

Fragmented TV landscape calls for new content creation and distribution methods

Consumers today do not care how they get their favourite content, as long as they can enjoy high-quality productions, compelling narratives, and their favourite user-generated content in a way that is convenient and cost-effective to access.

This, suggested Mike Whittaker, executive vice-president and CTO, Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, Fox Networks Group, represents a TV landscape that is “more fragmented than ever before”.

Writing in the APB March 2018 issue, he said: “We see this clearly in consumer behaviour in Asia-Pacific, where viewers are taking an ‘and-and’ approach to how they view linear and over-the-top (OTT) content.

“Even though the region’s OTT TV revenues are predicted to triple in less than five years, linear TV is alive and well, with 77% of APAC consumers watching an average two hours of broadcast TV per day on top of online video.”

While seeing a clear shift in consumer behaviours and needs, Whittaker also believes that there are “huge opportunities” to better understand what consumers want and how they interact with content.

“Competition for consumers is growing and every player in the TV industry must put a renewed focus on making content king — because only the best stories have any chance of differentiation and pull for today’s media-overwhelmed consumers,” he concluded.

For more insights on how Fox Network Group sees the future of broadcasting, be sure to grab the March 2018 issue of APB.


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