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The impact of 5G on live broadcasting

The 5G evolution is already having an impact worldwide, with substantial network improvements under way. In Asia, one of the regions leading this technological transformation, 5G networks are rolling out rapidly across major cities in China, Japan and South Korea.

5G offers tremendous opportunities for the broadcast industry, disrupting the way that breaking news, live sports, and other live events are produced. This next-generation technology is set to bring more capabilities such as higher speed, higher reliability, lower delay and better QoS to enable multi-camera productions from a single portable transmission unit, 4K streaming, VR and 360-degree applications as well as high-quality video return and multiple audio channels.

To take full advantage of the faster speeds and guaranteed high bandwidth provided by new 5G networks, LiveU is introducing a new fully-compliant LU600 5G solution. The unit integrates internal 5G modems, and high efficiency antennas, covering all sub-6GHz frequencies for 5G and 4G, with LiveU’s robust HEVC hardware encoding technology.

LiveU is introducing a new fully-compliant LU600 5G solution


The LU600 5G enables users to enjoy all the benefits of the new cellular networks, including lowest latency, the highest video quality and resolution, and fast file uploads, even in congested areas. The super-low latency enabled by 5G is particularly beneficial for live sports productions.

High-quality coverage continues seamlessly where 5G is not available, for example, in rural areas or during network build-out. If the live production crosses into non-5G areas, the LiveU unit automatically bonds the available networks supporting any combination of 3G/4G/5G modems.

LiveU is also working closely with leading telecom operators worldwide to validate its equipment with emerging 5G networks to make maximum use of the bandwidth and other benefits. In the US, LiveU and AT&T have teamed up for live news and sports broadcasts, testing the real-work impact and performance enhancements 5G technology has on live broadcast video production using LiveU units.

Elsewhere, LiveU is participating in 5G tests and events with other leading operators, including Vodafone in Italy and KT Corporation in South Korea. Moreover, in South Korea, LiveU successfully broadcasted live to five countries around the world the 100th anniversary orchestra tribute to the provisional government via SK Telecom’s 5G wireless network.

With the power of 5G, LiveU believes that the potential of cellular bonding is greater than ever for live sports production.

As we experienced 3G- and 4G-enabled cellular bonding technology becoming the default in newsgathering applications, we believe that 5G networks will make cellular bonding the default for any live streaming, including sports and entertainment.

Next year’s Summer Olympics Games in Japan are expected to be a major milestone with hundreds of LiveU units being used by our customers to provide dynamic, round-the-clock live coverage of the athletes, teams and fans.


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