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The Switch done & dusted SU2C’s telecast to 60 media platforms

At the seventh biennial roadblock telecast of Stand Up To Cancer (SU2C), the event relied on The Switch’s live production expertise and extensive video delivery network for the hour-long telecast, which was aired simultaneously on more than 60 participating media platforms across the US and Canada.

As the provider of production services and global delivery of live video, The Switch supported key aspects of the broadcast, providing a range of production services and facilities as well as delivery to all of SU2C’s media partners. 

SU2C raises awareness and funds to accelerate collaborative cancer research. The Switch worked alongside the live event producing team, Done+Dusted, and SU2C’s production team to power the production and delivery of the telecast. 

The Switch’s Burbank production centre handled the playout to SU2C’s media partners. At its Burbank facility, The Switch provided SU2C with a range of services, including control rooms, green rooms and a hospitality suite. COVID-19 testing spaces were also provided for the production team. 

To ensure that the show was delivered in the highest quality, The Switch provided fibre and satellite distribution, pool ports and over-the-top (OTT) video delivery services. 

David Shearer, Senior VP of Sales at The Switch, commented: “The SU2C telecast demonstrates The Switch’s ability to simplify the distribution and delivery of broadcast and OTT content, taking one programme feed and seamlessly building out traditional linear and streaming deliverables.

“We have worked with Done+Dusted to support SU2C’s televised fundraisers for a decade now, and we’re proud to have deployed our services once again to ensure a seamless and impactful show.” The Switch distributed the show in English and Spanish in the US and just an English version in Canada. While the programme remained the same, each feed had graphics specific to the language and region. 


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