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The time has come for virtual sets and augmented reality

By Olivier Cohen

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are two of the most talked-about concepts in broadcasting today. From the growth of AR applications for mobile phones to the latest headsets immersing people in real-time virtual worlds, these leading-edge technologies are becoming more accessible to consumers.

VR and AR have come a long way since their emergence 15 years or so ago, and broadcasters are now exploring how to bring these solutions into their operations. As graphics performance, workflow tools and camera motion tracking systems continue to mature, broadcasters are looking at VR and AR as alternatives to traditional approaches for capturing viewers and maintaining competitive advantage.

VR and AR offer the perfect solution for broadcasters who are looking to create larger volumes of eye-catching content using fewer resources. From a simple virtual set for presenting a variety of branded content to compelling 3D augmented graphics elements, a new breed of reliable tools is offering broadcasters a chance to push their creative and physical boundaries and lure on younger and more distracted audiences.


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