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There is more to audience measurement than meets the eye

Shifting viewing habits are compelling broadcasters to measure their audiences across multiple platforms and devices. Methodologies are also evolving, thanks to technologies such as AI.

While viewed by some as a novelty that will struggle, in the long term, to gain longevity, 360-degree content can provide a depth of context and immersiveness that 2D content never could.

Viewers watching a live football match in 360-degree from the comfort of their own homes, for instance, feel as if they are in the stadium themselves, soaking in every sight and sound. As far as “immersive viewing experiences” go, that is perhaps as close to the zenith of what broadcasters can offer.

What, then, if the roles are reversed, and broadcasters themselves want a constant 360-degree view of what their viewers are watching, in order to most effectively reach out to them?

For Singapore terrestrial broadcaster Mediacorp, the answer can be found by unifying all its media currencies internally to gather a single view of its audiences — via the Customer360 platform.

Launched in 2016, Customer360 is a cross-platform solution that integrates disparate audience currencies across TV, print, radio, out-of-home and digital on a single planning platform.

Calling the launch of Customer360 a “critical milestone”, Parminder Singh, chief commercial and digital officer, Mediacorp, told APB: “We are the first media company in the world to fuse currency data across five media platforms. This is particularly important to our advertisers as it gives them a more holistic view of audiences across different media touch points, to enable more effective media planning.”

This, Singh highlights, is on top of the silo media currencies Mediacorp previously put in place, such as SG-TAM (Singapore Television Audience Measurement) for TV and Nielsen Radio Wave for radio.

“As the leading multi-platform media company in Singapore, we are constantly evaluating and looking for innovative best-in-class audience measurement methodologies for both online and offline media,” he adds. “We are actively engaged in industry discussions on how best to evolve our measurement approaches, and to achieve consensus around a single measurement framework that could be adopted by the trade.”

To read the full story, grab is available in the APB June 2018 issue of APB.


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