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ThinkAnalytics can personalise images to different viewers

Competition for eyeballs is so intense, video service providers are constantly on the lookout for new ways to drive up consumption on their platforms.

ThinkAnalytics, a content discovery and viewer analytics solution provider, has unveiled Personalized Images, which recommends personalised images from multiple catalogues on the UI (user interface), content carousels and program guides based on the viewer’s interests and profile. 

“WePersonalized Images applies advanced AI techniques and information science to automate the process of selecting the best and most appealing image for each viewer, further boosting engagement and monetisation across all platforms. This further differentiates ThinkAnalytics’ market position with even greater functionality and extensive use-case library.

 enable video service providers, studios, broadcasters and media companies to deliver personalized experiences to their customers, resulting in significant uplift in viewer engagement, loyalty and ARPU,” said ThinkAnalytics’ Chief Technology Officer Peter Docherty.

Complementing ThinkAnalytics’ Content Discovery Engine, Personalized Images supports images and metadata from a ubiquitous range of sources, including those from customers and third parties. 

“Results from early customer deployments have produced impressive and consistent uplifts of 10-15%, compared to displaying a single standard image,” explained Docherty. “By dynamically selecting program images, Personalized Images helps to increased viewership, monetise content and increase the number of titles and hours watched per viewer.

“Personalized Images offers a really powerful way to help viewers find highly appealing content to watch. The results speak for themselves with our customers registering viewing uplifts of up to 15% when compared to standard poster images.

 ThinkAnalytics has been delivering content discovery and viewer insights to over 80 service providers serving 350 million subscribers in 43 languages with 6 billion recommendations per day, making the company the largest independent content discovery platform worldwide.

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