With the new engine, NJOI Now lets viewers watch content for free on mobile devices and online.

ThinkAnalytics deployed for Astro’s video streaming service

Malaysian pay-TV operator Astro has gone live with ThinkAnalytics’ Recommendations Engine on its newly launched free video streaming service, NJOI Now.

ThinkAnalytics is an award-winning developer of multi-platform TV search and recommendations engine.

With the new engine, NJOI Now lets viewers watch content for free on mobile devices and online — including live sports, breaking news and a choice of more than 2,200 movies and drama box sets.

The ThinkAnalytics launch follows successful deployments on Astro’s pay-TV DTH platform in June last year, and the Astro GO app (formerly known as Astro on the Go) in January this year.

All three ThinkAnalytics deployments run in the cloud.

“Since we went live with ThinkAnalytics on our DTH platform and Astro GO app, we have seen a huge uptick in viewing — and an average of over 70% of viewers choosing to watch content proposed by the recommendations engine,” said Liew Swee Lin, chief commercial officer, Astro.

“We expect the ThinkAnalytics platform to have the same positive impact on NJOI that it’s had on DTH and Astro GO.”

Initial data shows that, on average, more than 70% of viewing on both the pay-TV DTH and Astro GO platforms is driven by ThinkAnalytics’ content recommendations. Astro has also seen VoD consumption treble since the introduction of the recommendations engine and the new VoD user interface in June last year.

Astro said it believes personalised TV is key to its future. The operator reportedly selected ThinkAnalytics to help attract, engage and retain more consumers by using machine learning and predictive analytics across four languages to suggest relevant and personalised content.

As of May 31 this year, the Astro GO app has been downloaded 3.6 million times and has 1.3 million registered users. Astro launched recommendations on the app in January this year and then rebranded in March with a new name, Astro GO.

Data from the first four months of this year shows that the average user spent 162 minutes per week watching content on Astro GO.

“Astro’s approach to offering personalised viewing on any screen is proving to be incredibly successful and is reflected in its growing customer base,” said Peter Docherty, founder and CTO, ThinkAnalytics.

“Our search and recommendations engine gives customers like Astro a fast return on investment. It not only boosts the number of channels viewed but also increases overall weekly viewing times and is demonstrated to positively impact customer loyalty.”

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