TikTok for Business offering SMBs engaging bootstrap advertising tools

To reboot the sluggish world’s economy and provide more support for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) during the current recession, TikTok has initiated a global bootstrap advertising tool – TikTok for Business. Boasting ease of use and high engagement level, TikTok for Business aims to be the next-gen advertising solution.

According to TikTok, the availability of self-serve advertising solutions worldwide can help companies activate stronger engagement with their communities through immersive and viral formats of videos. It also provides flexible budget options and smart intelligent targeting to discover the right audiences.

In 2018, Universal Pictures tapped on TikTok to promote their movie, The House of Clocks. The leading movie producer launched a hashtag challenge themed #FindYourMagic to build brand awareness for the film. The campaign garnered 1.3 million likes on influencer videos and 19,000 user-generated videos (in response to the challenge) within six days while attracting 11,000 followers on their official account.

At a time when small businesses are being severely impacted by lockdowns caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, TikTok is also introducing a Back-to-Business Ad Credit scheme, including US$100 million in ad credits for small businesses worldwide to use on their journey to reboot. 

“TikTok’s immersive, short-form videos give businesses a platform to participate and engage with a community known for its creativity, ingenuity, and joy,” said Blake Chandlee, Vice-President, Global Business Solutions at TikTok.

“As our marketing solutions scale and evolve, we’re continuously building for the future and aiming to meet the growing needs of our partners. We’re excited to continue supporting our community by providing the tools and resources for SMB owners to navigate these challenging times.”


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