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TNDV Television adds Destination to its mobile fleet

The HD production truck can be deployed for live sports and entertainment coverage, as well as music festivals and concerts

TNDV Television, a Nashville-based mobile production company, has welcomed its ninth mobile video unit named Destination. The 40-foot vehicle is designed to support live multi-camera workflows, with up to three outputs for live sports and entertainment.

Nic Dugger, president and owner of TNDV, explained: “Destination is well equipped to handle all types of live events, such as music festivals and concerts, college and high school sports, red carpet shows, and interviews with athletes and celebrities.

“It can also accompany our full-sized, flagship trucks whenever they are sent to cover major network TV events, such as live sports, award shows and music specials. For large-scale music events, we can switch multiple outputs from within the truck, and for sports, there’s an unusually large 3M/E production switcher for what is considered a smaller truck.”

Destination’s interior includes a main video area, an audio suite, and an isolated video production area that allows producers and editors to work on content without disrupting live shows.

Inside the main production space, a Ross Video Carbonite 3M/E production switcher is installed facing a multiviewer monitor wall. The truck also offers an array of digital video effects (DVEs) and live broadcast graphics options, including two Ross XPression dual-channel CG systems, and Chyron Duet Hyper X3 and Pinnacle Deko 3000 dual-channel live graphics systems.

Programmes can be recorded onto a bank of AJA Video Systems’ digital disc recorders, and optionally, either Sony 1800 HDCam or Panasonic AJ-HD1200A VTRs. An EVS six-channel HD XT2 slow-motion system is also installed to provide an added benefit for live sports production.

For acquisition, Destination is equipped with Hitachi SK-HD1200 portable HD studio/field production cameras which, with its three 2.3-megapixel CCDs, produce a high dynamic range (HDR) 1080p picture with low noise. The truck’s audio suite features a Soundcraft Si Impact 32-fader digital audio mixer, with a Soundcraft MADI stagebox. Video and multiviewer routing are managed by Imagine Communications’ Platinum router.

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