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Tolka’s ‘TCAS for Widevine’ saves time and money

TCAS for Widevine is the latest addition to Tolka’s portfolio of media-related telecommunication products and services. Supporting 1080i HD and 4K/Ultra HD (UHD) TV resolutions as well as both SDR and HDR, the TCAS for Widevine conditional access system (CAS) is designed to make secure pay-TV content channels easy to establish and operate, and simplifies the licensing process while reducing service providers’ operating costs. 

Widevine is a digital rights management technology from Google used across Android MediaDRM, Android TV and other consumer electronic devices. Compatible with various encryption schemes, it is designed to restrict consumer access to distributed video content according to rules defined by content owner. 

TCAS for Widevine can be integrated with legacy headend infrastructure to create a complete and fully scalable solution, and eliminates the royalties and hardware overheads associated with traditional CAS services. Furthermore, the licensing is supervised via a dedicated graphic user interface display, which allows all relevant aspects of the process to be managed efficiently. 

Michael Day, CEO for Tolka, said, “We have built on our long experience as a producer of conditional access system technology to eliminate the need for bespoke system development and configuration which have hitherto been required by content owners or rights holders seeking to establish a new pay-TV platform.

“This achievement, in turn, minimises the time and financial outlay required to initiate a new service and to operate it.”

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