Torn between SDI or IP?

CueScript, a developer in prompting solutions, debuts CSMV2 — a SMPTE 2110-enabled monitor that is capable of supporting a wide variety of market needs from IP to existing HD-SDI, HDMI and composite video infrastructure.

With SMPTE IP video becoming a standard over the next few years, CSMV2 equips broadcasters with technology of today and tomorrow. It allows the installation of all-SMPTE IP without SDI-SMPTE gateway converters; thus, broadcasters can enjoy a seamless interconnection with 10Gb fibre IP switches.

Michael Accardi, president of CueScript, said: “Designed from the top down, CueScript has listened to the demands of the industry and delivered the sleeker, lighter and greener CSMV2 on a completely software-defined platform.”

Furthermore, CSMV2 can decapsulate the SMPTE 2110 on-air feed, sent as a second IP stream on cable, and output it as a traditional SDI video signal.

As a result, both the prompt and talent monitor can be fed with 10Gb fibre cable — even with existing SDI-only display.

Apart from the SMPTE 2110 capabilities, CSMV2 also has improved features such as additional prompting functionality, reduced weight, increased reliability and longer product life.

In addition, it uses 35% less power than previous models while maintaining full processing power and brightness. The 17” and 19” monitors also enjoy new higher resolution standards up to 1920×1080 progressive and 60/59.94 frame rates that support SD/HD/3G SDI.

CSMV2 integrates a single menu control for all features of the monitor — monitoring of picture settings, teleprompting-specific features, IP-based remote control and remote configuration.

The CSMV2 will be on the shelf by Q3 2019.


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