Triveni Digital unveils new MPEG analyser

StreamScope Portal II monitors and analyses bit rates, buffers, service statuses, RF spectrums, and more

Triveni Digital has added a new member to its StreamScope Portal analyser product line — the StreamScope Portal II.

Designed to simplify troubleshooting of DTV transport streams, the StreamScope Portal II is integrated with a touchscreen interface, and features advanced RF spectrum analysis capabilities. The StreamScope Portal II can be upgraded with ATSC 3.0 analysis capability via StreamScope XM MT software, enabling users to deliver services during the next phase of broadcast TV.

Ralph Bachofen, vice-president of sales and marketing at Triveni Digital, said: “As the broadcast ecosystem becomes more complex, there is a greater chance for errors that can degrade audio and video quality, or interrupt services altogether.

“Our new StreamScope Portal II offers an unequalled level of portability and convenience for professional video analysis, monitoring and troubleshooting, ensuring that broadcasters can cost-effectively handle quality assurance issues now and in the future as they make a migration to ATSC 3.0.”

The StreamScope Portal II supports a wide range of MPEG-quality assurance metrics, including video thumbnails, audio graphs, metadata tables, PID details, EPGs, IP routes, GOP frames, and advanced RF spectrum analysis. Featuring a flexible gateway, the StreamScope Portal II is able to manage a variety of input options, and can be connected to other StreamScope analysers and remote monitors, as well as to Triveni Digital GuideBuilder metadata management platforms, to provide an overall view of the health of video distribution plants.



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