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TSL resolves 7 Production’s OB control & management issues

Looking to unify its OB truck’s 4K broadcast system, UAE-based 7 Production, which provides ‘live’ technical support to broadcasters, production companies, event organisers and government entities in the EMEA territory, chose to deploy the TSL unified solution as the company’s  main control and tally management system.

The TSL unified solution controls all devices in the 4K OB truck, including the vision mixer, routers and multi-viewers, and incorporates all signals and signal chains within one system. TSL Control is built on open APIs and configuration capabilities that allows 7 Production to solve everyday workflow issues and linkup multiple systems.

In addition, TSL’s TallyMan system controller includes protocols native to all the major manufacturers, allowing 7 Production to connect the system to all other devices for uninterrupted control and monitoring during broadcasts.

Tony Jabbour, Head of Engineering and Operations at 7 Production, said, “The TSL system is robust and allows for unlimited connections to third-party equipment.

“Even more, it’s not overly complex compared to other control systems, and we have great support from the TSL team. Plus, all of our engineers are familiar with the system as we use it in all of our other OB trucks, making our lives much easier.”

TSL Control allows the appropriate amount of control to be placed in the hands of 7 Production’s operators, so that the interfaces that work alongside the TallyMan controller can help to minimise human error, improve system reliability, support system expansion and simplify system maintenance.

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