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Turning Red KOMODO-X into a cinematography system?

Wooden Camera’s new Elite Accessory System for the Red KOMODO-X camera offers a system for users who want to outfit their camera with a full cinema setup, as well as a Core System for users who want to start with the basics. This system includes new accessories as well as industry-trusted favourites that have been optimised for the KOMODO-X.

“This camera packs an unprecedented punch in a tiny package,” said Dominick Aiello, Wooden Camera’s Senior Director of Accessories. “So we designed a modular accessory system that allows crews to augment the compact camera body dynamically into a full-fledged cinematography system without compromising size or weight.”

Highlights of the collection include an ARCA Baseplate, a new Cage System, the Ultra Handle System, a new D-Box and new Side Grips.

The ARCA Baseplate was designed for dual 15mm rods and allows for maintaining optimal lens height for studio-style builds. This Baseplate comes with a quick-release lever to be used with the ARCA Riser when lightweight builds are necessary. 

Utilising the tie-in points at the top of the camera body and the added Side Rails, the Cage System provides much-needed mounting points on the rear and sides of the camera. This system enhances configurability and offers a sturdy base for rigging out the camera body with accessories. 

The Ultra Handle System is a modular, integrated system that comes with a riser allowing the contacts on the camera to pass a 3-pin connector with trigger ability through the handle, thereby allowing third-party options to start and stop the camera roll. 

The D-Box offers hot swap abilities when power is connected to the DC-In and an on-board battery. There are additional 12V 2-pin, a D-tap port, and a 3-pin 24V power option. When connected to the EXT port of the camera, Run/Stop is enabled on both the D-Box as well as the B-Box. 

The two Side Grips include cold shoe mounts at the top of each handle, allowing users to mount accessories like microphones for compact shooting scenarios. The lightweight grips include ⅜”-16 and ¼”-20 mounting points on the outside of the grips to allow for mounting any additional accessories.

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