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Turning your car into ‘third living space’?

Car interiors are being redesigned to give more space and attention not only to the driver, but the other occupants as well. Bigger, higher-quality screens and faster connectivity are accelerating that trend.

3 Screen Solutions (3SS), a leading provider of software solutions for multiscreen entertainment, and Cinemo, a global leader in automotive infotainment middleware, have announced a technology collaboration which will bring advanced digital entertainment to cars.

The entertainment solution is due to have its worldwide debut at the CES 2022 Show at Las Vegas during January 5-8, 2022, in a demo to feature popular children’s service TOGGO from Super RTL, Germany’s leading provider of kids TV programming, and multi-player games from leading provider AirConsole.

3SS is sharing its vision of how in-car entertainment, powered by 3SS’ 3Ready Product Framework, could look in what Tomasz Dzikowski, Product Owner Automotive at 3SS, describes as “the third living space”. The showcase demonstrates how car makers and service providers can differentiate by providing exceptional in-vehicle UX (user experience), featuring next-level content discovery and sharing in the car. 

3SS views automotive as a natural expansion of its commitment to help operators deliver seamless UX across all screens. Dzikowski explains, “We know from the new paradigms of autonomous driving, electrification and today’s dynamic in-vehicle infotainment ecosystem, that soon screens in cars will be augmentations to the long-established entertainment everywhere concept.”

There are several benefits of the new solution for in-car entertainment – it brings the much-loved content super-aggregation experience to the car, with passengers able to access a rich array of pre-integrated third-party content and apps. Enhanced content discovery and aggregation means that everyone in the car gets personalised entertainment, from video streaming to in-car gaming. 

Multi-screen video synchronisation and sharing are enabled. As a result, passengers can either watch or play together or independently throughout the journey. Furthermore, this diverse content offering can be efficiently enhanced and adapted in real-time via a remote management platform.

The Cinemo Play Anywhere solution redefines the infotainment experience in the car and puts all passengers in the media driving seat, delivering any app from the automotive play store, with synchronised visual content on multiple displays.

“Gradually, consumers will have more free time in the car,” explains 3SS’ Dzikowski. “They can decide to boost their productivity by catching up with the news or doing work, or they can simply enjoy the moment, relax and watch content, make video phone calls or play games.”

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