Are we heading into a new era of TV Everywhere? While second screens used to complement viewing on the main TV screen, mobile devices are increasingly becoming the screen of choice for video content consumption. (Photo credit: iStock by Getty Images)

TV Everywhere for today’s disparate viewers

As the shift away from linear TV viewing continues unabated, TV operators need to ensure that their content reaches their audiences anywhere and everywhere.

If someone were to invent a currency today for the media and entertainment industries, it might well be embossed with the logos of Google, YouTube, Facebook and Amazon.

Barron, an US weekly financial magazine, recently predicted that by 2020, Google and YouTube parent Alphabet, Facebook and Amazon could have a combined US$100 billion in free cash flow. Comparatively, broadcasters ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox combine for a relatively meagre $30 million.

At a time when video streaming services are ramping up their original content production, this is a significant development, without even going into potentially the defining game changer — sports content rights.

When, and not if, traditional broadcasters and pay-TV operators begin to lose their monopoly on sports rights, a new era of TV Everywhere may well emerge; only this time, the TV set potentially has a diminished role to play.

How, then, can traditional operators prepare themselves for a new era of TV Everywhere?

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