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TVU AI-based engine allows users to get live Ukraine news clips

Live feed from Ukraine provided by the Ukrainian news media is now available on TVU Search, an AI-based search engine for live broadcast, developed by TVU Networks. This allows TVU customers to use live and downloaded content on-air and over all platforms. 

Ukrainian media groups have been collectively broadcasting a single newscast called the United News, with a mission to provide information and live video to the people of Ukraine and the world at large. 

Comprising four Ukrainian media outfits – viz. 1+1 Media, StarLightMedia, Media Group Ukraine and Inter Media Group – the group is now taking turns providing uninterrupted information on the conflict. More particularly, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the National Security and Defense Council, the Office of the President of Ukraine, and other government agencies will be joining the broadcasts as well. 

TVU Search AI-based search engine automatically sorts through live and archived video footage to locate the content needed. Designed for users to create better stories and get them on-air quicker, TVU Search sorts and reviews all media content matching the search criteria and identified by TVU’s AI technology.

Users may refine the search as needed based on relevancy and air date, and clip and download the desired content from live feeds in real-time using clipping tools. 

TVU Search also analyses historical search patterns with dashboard reporting. This allows users to view usage information in charts and colour-coded graphs with a selection of data to view, such as the number of times a story was downloaded, the number of created video clips including full slug information, and the history of downloaded files, including the usage information by individual users.   

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