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Verimatrix offers bold cloud-based anti-piracy delivery platform

Verimatrix has launched its Secure Delivery Platform, a cloud ecosystem that combines cybersecurity and anti-piracy services into a single pane of glass experience for media companies, content owners, streaming media providers and broadcast operators worldwide. 

By securing their content, applications and devices in a unified user experience, the platform offers new levels of efficiency and cost savings while greatly accelerating revenue protection and agility.

Asaf Ashkenazi, Chief Operating Officer & President of Verimatrix, said, “The Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform is a continuation of the company’s modernisation strategy; moving from on-premise to bold, new cloud-based anti-piracy and cybersecurity solutions that enable customers to scale at SaaS speed.

“It’s all about bringing value to customers that they cannot easily attain in the market by themselves, such as accessing advanced anti-piracy tracking and takedown capabilities, enhancing picture quality even after security is applied, or reducing integration complexity and time to launch, thanks to autonomous, zero code injection capabilities.”

Current solutions available on the Verimatrix Secure Delivery Platform include Streamkeeper DRM, which provides cloud-based digital rights management for securing premium movies, TV programmes and live streaming events; and Streamkeeper Counterspy, a cybersecurity plus anti-piracy solution engineered to hunt down and take out video piracy.

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