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Verizon delivers targeted & personalised content

To deliver personalised and TV-quality experiences, Verizon Media will unveil its advanced capabilities in delivery optimisation, ad performance visibility, content personalisation and blackout control on its Media Platform at IBC2019 this week.

Verizon Smartplay will display its stream routing capabilities, through the delivery of video traffic over multiple content delivery networks. For instance, when one of the networks experiences an outage, traffic can be automatically re-routed, protecting broadcasters against catastrophic network issues. Thus, it benefits viewers with faster start-up times and reduced rebuffering.

Another powerful display is its Ad Server Debug; it empowers content owners with end-to-end visibility into the ad insertion process, highlighting errors, timeouts, and tracking issues. The technology automatically collects and stores data on every ad transaction, including response times and timeouts from third-party ad servers.

Ariff Sidi, chief product officer, Verizon Media, said: “Broadcasters and content creators have the ability to deliver personalised streams for every viewer but, until now, fragmented and evolving industry standards around OTT advertising have made it difficult to get a clear view of what’s actually going on during the ad insertion process.

“Ad Server Debug changes this by delivering far greater transparency and insight into how ads are delivered, enabling service providers to improve the quality of experience for millions of viewers worldwide.”

With the manifest of ultra-personalised content, SmartPlay Content Targeting delivers customised and TV-like quality video streams to consumers. Within the simple user interface (UI), customers can schedule blackouts ahead of time and plan the distribution of personalised content to better control the viewer’s experience.

The features empower them to create audience base, build rule sets, and then apply these criteria to their primary assets. The Verizon Media Platform also supports scheduling through its API or by uploading a CSV.

Once configured, Smartplay Content Targeting is able to discern a viewer’s location, device or environment to deliver an experience optimised for their scenario and ensures approved content is delivered to the right audience at the right time anywhere in the world.

“OTT personalisation hinges on the performance of the manifest server to generate a unique playlist of content, ads, and playback instructions for every user. However, you need to be sure you can personalise content and match local content rights, regardless of how many viewers are watching,” said Sidi.

Verizon Media will be demonstrating these new platform capabilities at its IBC stand 5B64.


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