With Vewd OS integrated into a smart TV set, viewers would not require additional hardware to enjoy their preferred choice of VoD service, Internet content, or even live TV.

Vewd OS brings together a smart and cohesive TV experience

The new operating system from Vewd can be embedded into smart TVs, uniting video-on-demand (VoD) and TV services, as well as Internet content, into an integrated TV experience

Vewd has developed a Vewd OS, an entertainment operating system specially designed for smart TVs.

Vewd OS combines video-on-demand (VoD), live TV, Internet content and apps together into a single, cohesive TV experience.

Key features of Vewd OS include an immersive user interface to facilitate dynamic content delivery, a next-generation programme guide activated by remote control or voice, and cloud-based access to apps.

Describing Vewd OS as a “game-changing” solution, Vewd said that the new operating system is able to exceed consumer expectations as it eliminates the need to purchase additional hardware to access desired content libraries.

For TV manufacturers, Vewd OS offers after-sale monetisation, control of user data/platform analytics, software release cycles, and tools for branding customisation. For instance, Vewd OS allows manufacturers to choose from complete turnkey to a modular approach, in order to scale and adapt to customers, devices and markets accordingly.

Aneesh Rajaram, CEO for Vewd, concluded: “The launch of Vewd OS marks an important milestone for the industry. Consumers, manufacturers and subsequently content owners all benefit from a truly transformative TV experience that exceeds expectations and strikes the right balance between enterprise and entertainment.

“Vewd OS raises the bar by reducing fragmentation, and allowing every player across the value chain to win.”

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