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Viaccess-Orca unveils AI-powered Broadcasting breakthroughsat IBC 2023

The buzzing atmosphere of the 2023 International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) was made even more exciting with the participation of industry titan, Viaccess-Orca. The company, known for its groundbreaking technology solutions, highlighted its efforts to blend AI capabilities seamlessly into the human aspect of broadcasting.

Atika Boulgaz, Viaccess-Orca’s Vice-President of Global Communications, had a candid chat at the company’s busy stall. “It’s been a bustling event for us,” Boulgaz remarked. “We’ve connected with numerous partners, engaged potential clients, and renewed ties with our existing customers.”

Interestingly, Boulgaz also touched upon the convention’s schedule. “Attendance might be even better if the event avoided weekends,” she mused. There’s anticipation in the air to see if the 2023 dates, which run from September 13 to 16, might pivot to a weekday-only format.

But back to business. Viaccess-Orca’s key message this year revolved around integrating technology with the human touch. Boulgaz was enthusiastic about the firm’s latest projects. “Our technology solutions are designed to complement human efforts, ensuring viewers receive exceptional experiences,” she shared. This isn’t just about plugging in AI algorithms but more about having technology that’s attuned to user needs. From personalized advertising solutions to creating unique TV experiences, the company is all about standing out in a saturated market.

Quality is clearly top-of-mind for Viaccess-Orca. They’ve rolled out their QX suites, focusing on delivering both service quality and stellar user experiences for their clientele.

One area that piqued interest was the topic of piracy, particularly CDN leeching, which, as Boulgaz points out, is becoming a thorny issue for many operators. But Viaccess-Orca isn’t just about identifying problems; they’re proactive about solutions. Partnering with the likes of Microsoft Azure and OpenAI, they’re exploring how AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) can transform broadcasting. Boulgaz explained, “Our efforts center around two things: enhancing content discovery for better user recommendations and using AI-powered tools to ensure content authenticity.”

In essence, Viaccess-Orca’s presence at IBC 2023 marked a promising leap towards a future where technology not only complements human endeavors in broadcasting but also elevates them.

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