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ViaLite new fans lower temperature & increase lifetime of 3U racks

ViaLite Communications’ new fan assembly option houses 12 small fans to lower the operating temperature of the chassis and its inserted chassis card links by increasing air circulation. This new feature is especially beneficial for chassis units located in higher ambient temperatures.

Moreover, it can increase the product lifetime of the chassis and its cards by improving mean time between failure which directly correlates to lowered operating temperatures.

A fully populated 3U chassis with six receiver cards, seven standard transmitter cards and a fan assembly was tested within a ViaLite ODE-B3U enclosure, and the temperature was reduced by 9⁰ to 10⁰C. The temperature drop achieved will depend on the number and types of cards used as well as the enclosure location. 

The assembly allows chassis units to be fully populated with DWDM cards, up to six transmit cards and six receive cards when the chassis is located in a typical equipment room. This is ideal for larger teleports as they transition to high throughput satellites with higher bandwidths, requiring RF (radio frequency) over fibre links with greater dynamic range.

The 3U chassis can house RF over fibre links for Satcom (including LEO/MEO), Broadcast, Mil-Aero and Defence, Satcom Telemetry, Network Timing, Radar, Maritime and more. 

Of ViaLite’s comprehensive range of outdoor enclosures, ODE-C, ODE-D, ODE-D+ and the new ODE-B3U, are suitable for indoor as well as outdoor use. 

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