ViaLiteHD collaborates with VideoSys to make wireless 4K live sports broadcast easier

Live broadcasting of large sporting events has been hampered by challenges such as distance and remote powering. To address these industry issues, ViaLite, a designer of fibre links, has incorporated its technology with VideoSys’ Epsilon range of wireless 4K camera control system for major athletic events.

The fibre-optic link that was integrated to the camera systems included Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) and tactical fibre solutions. Moreover, ViaLiteHD green OEM broadcast link was chosen for its small compact design and performance.

Fibre links are often preferred to traditional coaxial cables as they are more cost-effective for distances over 100m. Traditional signal losses compared with coaxial cable are negligible, making fibre systems easier to deploy where distances or remote operations are stretched.

Furthermore, optical fibre link products are being used more frequently by broadcasters who are seeking to cover live sporting events and breaking news where there is significant distance between the wireless camera and the production desk.

The green OEM module also has low power usage, making it ideal for use with battery-operated remote systems like wireless cameras and wireless microphones.

Amair Khan, Business Development Manager, ViaLite, said: “The fibre links were supplied to VideoSys to support the new product developments that VideoSys is deploying worldwide for the broadcast industry. The Epsilon range will be a system that broadcasters can deploy for all major sporting events during the 2020/21 calendar season and beyond.”


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