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Vietnam going for 5G broadcasting

As the tech face-off between China and US intensifies, a dividing line starts to prevail within the South-east Asia region. Instead of choosing sides, Viettel Group — Vietnam’s largest mobile telecommunications provider — intends to develop and build its own 5G infrastructure ground-up.

Viettel is currently focusing on the design of a 5G chip that is crucial to processing data from various devices on the network.

The state-owned company envisions the completion of the experimentation of an early-stage 5G broadcast station this year. If the test goes well, Viettel would subsequently test out a 5G station network and roll out the products in 2021.

Phan Tien Dung, technical director of Vietnam Digital Television (VTC) , told APB: “Most local broadcasters in Vietnam are riding the digital wave and transforming themselves to digital TV.

“At VTC TV station, we have an OTT app, VTCNow, that streams TV shows on the Internet.

“The 5G wave is a good chance for us to provide high-quality content like 4K video and Dolby audio.”

According to China Media Group (CMG), 5G has proven a success in transmitting 4K/UHD video in China, resulting in high performance in coverage and reliability.

The realisation of 5G broadcasting will accelerate the adoption of 4K/UHD video and open up a gateway for new video-based products in Vietnam in the near future.

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