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Vietnam to localise Universal shows

NBCUniversal International Formats inks two deals with Vietnam Network VTV to localise production of its comedy and entertainment series that will appeal to young Vietnamese.

The first localisation project will be a well-known Japanese comedy game show — Who is the Real Celebrity (WIRTC)— on VTV.

WIRTCis an original production of Japan’s Asahi Broadcasting Corporation, and it has been played in Japan for over a decade. NBCUniversal International Formats acquired the rights to the format from ABC International, a subsidiary of Asahi Broadcasting Group Holdings Corporation.

During the game show, celebrities get to demonstrate their knowledge of luxury items through a series of sensory tests.

The local version titled AI LÀ BẬC THẦY CHÍNH HIỆU is co-produced by MEGA GS Communications and Entertainment and scheduled to be aired every Friday at 9pm on VTV 3.

The next deal will be a remake of Singer Auction, a primetime entertainment format, and the show will provide unknown vocalists with the opportunity to showcase their talent.

Ana Langenberg, SVP, Format Sales & Production at NBCUniversal International Formats, said: “Our co-developed format Singer Auction also has the potential to achieve similar success in Vietnam, so we’re really excited to see how MEGA GS’ adaptations perform.

“Both deals and shows are a testament to the rich diversity of television programming across Asia.”

Photo Credits: TBI Vision

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